Learning to express yourself naturally

There's a musician in You!

This is easy and natural.

No tedious exercises or boring complications.

Wether your voice is your instrument or another instrument, you already heard something of what you want to express.  Let's start from there.  

This is primarily for voice and strings but , other instrumentalist will gain insight just by reading wh

Toning and Listening


Grab interest

Listen, Relax , Sing

I have advanced degrees in music performance and conservatory

trained.  I have taught all kinds different pedagogues.

You can express yourself, musically on many levels just by 

listening to yourself.  

I can give a few starting techniques........ then It's all you!


You have more Ability than You Think!

What took me years to accomplish need only take you a short time.


The Real You!

Find your true and deepest expression!