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Uncovering Secrets of Timeless Numbers

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Numbers, Our Connection to Truth

After visiting ancient sites around the world, I knew that an ancient system of mathematics existed.  Here it is.

If we think of these numbers as symbols, it becomes clear that there is a complete and perfect system here.  Just reduce all math to single digits, using recognized structures, such as tables, then look at the PERFECTION! Only use numbers 1 through 9 acknowledging the movement showing electromagnetic energy.  AWESOME!

Book 2  Coming Soon! "  Connecting To Our Truth"


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Uncovering Secrets of Mysterious Numbers

I have broken codes and simplified

what is actually right in front of us.

The numbers 1 through 9 are actually symbols (keys) to a complete understanding of electromagnetic energy.

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Infinite 9 Perfection

A Revelation of Ancient Symbols into a Unique System showing Perfection

and how we can connect into higher consciousness.

All the Math

For everyone that wants to see all the math in this system of ancient symbols.


New information about ancient symbols 1-9.

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Uncovered Secrets of Mysterious Numbers is and entire scientific

system that defines INFINITY


It is not complicated but, it is ASTOUNDING!

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Laina and I crossed paths during a divine synchronicity......time, literally, stopped when Laina and I came to realize that we were both vibrating at the same level and had a common goal of evolving consciousness.  As we discussed our respective wisdom, knowledge and techniques, Laina informed me, in detail about her discovery about ancient timeless symbols after returning home from a sacred journey to the Egyptian Pyramids.  Lana's work is sacred........

she has dedicated her life to this system of knowledge and has spent countless hours logistically deriving its constructs.

Laina is a bright light of wisdom and love and is here to assist humanity and Gaia in our Ascension process.  I highly recommend lain for healing sessions and events!  You will not be disappointed!

Dave Merlino, M.A., Ed.D. Candidate

at Columbia Universityi

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Uncovered Secrets is a fascinating read.

It is unique, powerful and inspiring.


Where did this information come from?

This is ancient, timeless information that

I uncovered through a system of symbols.

Does this require knowledge of advanced mathematics?


What kind of secrets are uncovered?

Scientific proof that everything is in perfection.